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No-alcohol cocktail ideas: Dry January without compromising on taste

Dive into Dry January with Alain Milliat Concentrates for a gourmet experience without alcohol

How to find inspiration for a non-alcoholic cocktail? 

Alain Milliat, in search of intense flavors, has meticulously selected his ingredients to develop the Concentrates recipes. 

THE YUZU, a blend of bitterness and freshness brought by Yuzu, a traditional Japanese citrus fruit, enhanced with an infusion of Gentian and Bergamot, combined with Sicilian lemon juice.

GINGERa powerful bouquet of “aged” ginger from Madagascar, delicately accompanied by the striking smokiness of Langue d’Oiseau pepper, a comforting infusion of Verbena and a subtle encounter with Sicilian Lime.

Two creations to enjoy simply diluted with sparkling water, in a cocktail with or without alcohol and as a shot. 

Alain Milliat’s non-alcoholic cocktail recipes for Dry January

Yuzu mate: An energetic and refreshing Mocktail

An energizing drink where the tangy freshness of yuzu combines with the richness of mate.

Ingredients :
2cl of Yuzu
4cl of Tardivo Di Ciaculli Mandarin Juice Alain Milliat
12cl of sparkling mate drink (Ex: CLUB-MATE®)
A bouquet of fresh mint 
  1. In a large glass, mix the ingredients and add crushed ice.
  2. Finish by garnishing with a nice bouquet of fresh mint.


    Apple-Ginger: A Fruity and Spicy Fusion

    A fruity and spicy marriage that awakens your senses with a thirst-quenching and powerful drink.

    Ingredients :
    4cl of Ginger
    4cl of Reinette Apple Juice Alain Milliat
    12cl of sparkling water

    1. In a large glass, mix the Pippin Juice and the Ginger.
    2. Add nice ice cubes and fill with sparkling water.
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