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Collection: Jams

Let yourself be surprised by our collection of homemade jams Alain Milliat, a selection of 10 exceptional perfumes and 8 gourmet organic perfumes with an authentic taste. 

Through our collection of jams, we give ourselves the mission of transcribing the authentic and just taste of the fruit, letting it express all its aromatic particularities. 

So, our jams are distinguished by their high fruit content (63%) and precise cooking control. These two factors are real guarantees of quality for these frank-tasting jams. 


A craftsmanship in the respect of traditions

Alain Milliat jams highlight the richness of our French terroir. The fruits used are fresh French fruits grown by local producers located in the Drôme. The fruits are picked at maturity and rigorously selected, favoring seasonality to reveal all their aromas.
So that our jams have a tasty and unique taste, we ensure a traditional homemade method of preparation in old-fashioned copper cauldrons in small quantities.
Copper is the ideal material for the preparation of jams, because it quickly absorbs the heat of the fire and allows homogeneous cooking so as not to lose the aroma of the fruits.


Bold fragrances

Rediscover the taste of the real jams of yesteryear with our 10 gourmet flavors. We offer a wide selection of the most classic organic jams such as strawberry, apricot and raspberry jam that will appeal to young and old alike. But also more daring flavors like passion, orange or wild blueberry.
A wide choice of homemade jams that will delight the taste buds!


Moments of gluttony and sweetness

What are your sweet childhood memories? Summer snacks at grandma's? Brunch with friends on Sunday morning? Or family breakfasts? All the power of Alain Milliat jam is to remind you of beautiful moments shared and to create more and more of them with greediness and sweetness.
In our jams, there is happiness for morning toast, pancakes, cottage cheese but also to accompany inventive and daring cuisine.
Alain Milliat is pleased to share with you his passion for taste with culinary and taste advice through his various products. Both traditional and original blends. The combinations of flavors will be most surprising!