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Collection: Lemonades

Discover the collection of 3 sugar free organic lemonade added, no preservatives and no flavourings. To vary the flavors, we have imagined associations of organic Sicilian lemon to other fruits such as lychee, passion fruit or ginger. Bold blends of flavors that will awaken your taste buds.


If there is a thirst-quenching wellness drink, it is lemonade. The sunny days are definitely here, so there's nothing like a good lemonade to cool off for breakfast, lunch or even the first evening breeze. It is ideal at any time of the day. We choose natural organic fruits to guarantee a unique taste and unprecedented aromatic freshness.

Still made in our workshop in the Drôme, the lemonades are eaten fresh and without moderation.


The uniqueness of the Sicilian lemon

Le organic Sicilian lemon is grown in Syracuse. It is a highly sought-after fruit all over the world, it is one of the best lemons in the world. By its flavor, its smell, its tonic aroma and its appearance, this citrus fruit which contains few or no seeds makes its consumption easier, especially since its peel is edible. It is often used for gastronomy in lemon zest and in pure lemon juice. In addition to being tasty, pure Sicilian lemon juice contributes to the proper functioning of the body thanks to its detoxifying properties, it stimulates the body and facilitates digestion.


Lemonade varieties

Maison Alain Milliat offers two varieties of homemade lemonades, two different flavors but which share two common components which are freshness and lightness.

Discover our organic lemonade Lemon Passion, a mixture of flavors surprising by its particularly aromatic freshness with notes of grapefruit from the Timur berry. Low in calories, it is hydrating and full of vitamins. You can combine it with mint leaves to give it a striking flavor

Let yourself be seduced by our lemonade without sugar authentic Lemon/Litchi, a gourmet blend with floral notes of pink berry that will give you a feeling of exhilarating lightness. Its creamy texture and its citrus note will transport you to the heart of a bewitching journey. This lemon drink becomes your favorite product from the Alain Milliat collection.

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