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Collection: Sparkling Drinks

AM's new collection : organic Sparkling Drinks with no sugar added. 3 recipes : lime, apple and rhubarb.


Sparkling Drinks AM 

The season of sparkling drinks is launched. Bubbles, fresh fruits that go with the beautiful days. Alain Milliat has concocted a selection of organic sparkling drinks, with no added sugar, available in 3 flavors: lime, apple and rhubarb.  

Tasting moments

Sharing moments of joy and happiness surrounded by the people you love, getting together during a gourmet break. 
Happiness can be summed up in a ray of sunshine, a smile, music... All the little things that make everyday life pleasant. So, for a moment of gustatory pleasure, let yourself be seduced by the delicious fizzy drinks that will put sunshine in your heart and give you a feeling of lightness. A taste of fresh fruit in your mouth! 
Our AM Sparkling flavors

Discover the authentic Sparkling Lime, characterized by its tasty and fragrant notes. Lime is known for its more acidic taste than yellow lemon. It is rich in vitamin C, minerals and fiber, more than a fruit, it has an antioxidant power and strengthens the immune system. Combining pleasure and benefits is possible!  Thanks to its fine bubbles, the sparkling lime can be drunk for pleasure. It will be perfect to quench your thirst and tone up your day. 
The promise of a journey of the senses with the Sparkling Apple drink: the acidity of the crunchy apple, the aromatic olfactory richness, and this sensation of freshness. Trust the sparkling apple to offer you a moment of unprecedented gustatory pleasure. In addition to being tasty, the apple has many benefits for our health. It promotes digestion, strengthens the immune system and is ideal for beautiful skin and teeth! 

Let yourself be seduced by the Sparkling Rhubarb: sweet and tangy at the same time. An energizing and intense drink that will give you a feeling of freshness. The sparkling rhubarb is very appreciated during the nice days. To be enjoyed chilled!
Alain Milliat drinks with their authentic flavours are drinks to be savoured for pleasure.