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Collection: Concentrates

Two concentrates with unique personalities

From a desire to share convivial occasions through entirely natural products with exceptional ingredients, Alain Milliat has created a new collection of intense, gastronomic non-alcoholic drinks: the Concentrates.

These organic, with no additives elixirs have a wide range of uses: as a shot, simply diluted with sparkling water, in cocktails, mocktails or for cooking.

Available in 2 complementary recipes, they will accompany you from breakfast to the cocktail bar!


Organic & Gastronomic Concentrates


Organic and gastronomic concentrates Alain Milliat: two elixirs without alcohol and without added flavors from organic farming. The Yuzu and The Ginger are meticulously selected to obtain intense and balanced flavors to offer a unique tasting experience.

Organic and Gastronomic Concentrates Recipes


Maison Alain Milliat, a fruit expert since 1997, offers two recipes for organic and gourmet concentrates, with unique and tasty flavors. Available in 2 complementary recipes, they follow you from breakfast to the cocktail bar.

The Yuzu, tangy and refreshing, brings an exotic touch to your cocktails and dishes. The Ginger offers an ideal spicy flavor to spice up your recipes.


Discover our concentrateYuzu made with high altitude yuzu from Japan.

Yuzu is renowned for its tangy taste with lemony notes. A recipe with fresh bitterness, highlighted by both an Infusion of Gentiane and Bergamot in Sicilian Lemon juice.

The Ginger

Discover our Ginger concentrate made with strong ginger from Eastern Madagascar.

Highlighted by the invigorating and smoky heat of Langue d'Oiseau pepper, this concentrate is softened by an infusion of Verbena, all balanced by Sicilian Lime juice. Whether to accompany a dish or a dessert, ginger adds a fragrant touch to sweet and savory foods.


Yuzu and Ginger for your dishes


Yuzu and Ginger can be used daily in your cocktails, mocktails, in your sweet or savory cuisine, simply diluted in sparkling water and even in a shot. Find the recipes of Nina Métayer, of Alexia Duchêne or of Nicola Battafarano : all three have created recipes with Concentrates by Alain Milliat.



Our Concentrates are made in France in our workshop in Drôme, they are entirely natural and ORGANIC: the power of fruit without aromas, without artifice.

Our fruits outside France are transported exclusively by boat, with the aim of reducing our carbon impact.