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Alain Milliat invited himself to the streets of Paris

1 first campaign. 
180 posters.
7 days.
4,621,824 people. 

In 2022, Alain Milliat celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Campagne d'affichage Alain Milliat le Fruit sublimé qui présente le nectar de Framboise Mecker

So, to kick off the festivities, we wanted to show for the first time what we are, what drives us on a daily basis: sublimate the fruit and the moment with a tasting juice. 

From February 2 to 8, in Paris, 4 million people witnessed it.

It is with great joy that we were able to share with you our vision and our mission: to discover and share the pleasure of an expressive fruit through iconic bottles.

But not just any fruit : Alain gathers around him producers, varieties, production areas – because we must not forget that Alain is part of the third generation of a family of farmers.

Not just any maturity : Alain's sensitivity pushes him to seek the perfect moment to harvest the fruit according to his taste vision that he wishes to share.

25 years of sublimated fruits.

25 years of tasting juice.

This year of celebration has only just begun.

Image de la campagne Alain Milliat Le Fruit Sublimé à la station Wagram de Paris qui montre le nectar de Frambois Mecker

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