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Lunch with friends

A restaurant, an outside table, 2 friends, Alain Milliat juices

It’s become a ritual. Every Friday, they get together for lunch in a famous Parisian brasseries and treat themselves to a menu that doesn’t hold back. Often they’ll talk about the latest films they have seen. At the moment, they are particularly interested in New Wave cinema, which they are discovering and inspired by. It’s also a chance for them to show off their latest finds, from a jacket found in a flea market, to a bag bought in the last minute of a private sale... As they enjoy a croque-monsieur and chips or a salade niçoise, they try out Alain Milliat’s refreshing and original juices and nectars: blueberry, tomato, lychee, Merlot red grape... The drinks never fail to lead them into long discussions about the memories the flavours remind them of.

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