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A comforting cocktail with Sauvignon Grape Juice

A comforting and easy to make cocktail.

A more vegetal recipe of the classic Hanky Panky
(Gin, Red Vermouth, Fernet-Branca)

Prepare your cocktail glass and chill it by filling it with ice.
In a mixing glass, place the ingredients in the following order:
Old Tom Citadelle 4cl
Alain Milliat Sauvignon Grape Juice 2cl
Bénédictine 0.5cl
Martini riserva ambratto 4cl
Amaro angostura 0.5cl
Ice cubes
Cocktail Sauvignon
Remove the ice from the cocktail glass and pour the mixture without the ice cubes.
Then, decorate with a flambé orange zest, for a caramelized detail.
Cocktail Sauvignon

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