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Alain Milliat, a committed brand


We intend to change our manufacturing process so that we become more responsible locally and globally and to be more consistent with our values that have not changed since the brand's creation.

Not only are our products made in France, but we are also committed to sustainability in our supply chain. More than 50% of our fruits are grown in France and we make every effort to buy from local producers located near to our workshop, which is ideally positioned in the heart of France’s fruit-producing area. Our apples and pears, for example, are grown in environmentally friendly orchards, and our grapes are sourced from a High Environmental Value wine-growing estate (Level 4), as are our peaches, apricots and tomatoes.

For exotic fruits, Milliat’s commitment to sustainability means they will never be transported by air, as the carbon impact would be unjustifiable. The juice and pulps are therefore extracted and frozen in the area in which the fruit is produced, following Alain’s recommendations on varieties and ripeness. This approach enables the fruit to be processed at the ideal moment and helps develop the local economy.

Processing equipment is designed and managed to be increasingly responsible, with limited energy consumption and use of bottles created from 70% recycled glass. Water consumption for cleaning and recycling are part of our sustainable approach, and fruit waste is recycled and recovered locally.