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Collection: Hazelnut Spreads

Palm oil free and composed at 20% of Italian hazelnuts, treat yourself with the Alain Milliat spreads.
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Without palm oil and composed of 20% Italian hazelnuts, enjoy the spreads Alain Milliat. Two traditional flavors are available. Hazelnuts combined with full-bodied notes of dark chocolate or the sweetness of milk chocolate. A perfect match to sublimate your breakfasts.


Artisanal spreads without palm oil

Each selected ingredient is respectful of the environment and your health. These French artisanal spreads rich in hazelnuts are guaranteed without palm oil and without GMOs.


Creamy spreads made with Italian hazelnuts

The recipe is made with 20% whole hazelnuts to give you a delicious taste of hazelnuts. This variety of hazelnuts has the particularity of offering a fine flavor to spreads. This nut is rich in fiber and vitamin E.


Spreads of taste and quality

The essential hazelnut milk spread will delight adults and children alike. The notes of hazelnuts accompanied by the sweetness of milk chocolate offer an irresistible taste in the mouth. The second variation in dark chocolate reveals full-bodied notes supported by the intensity of hazelnut.


How to taste them?

These two flavors will sublimate your desserts favorites and your candlemas celebrations thanks to a quality and high-tasting dough. You can incorporate them into your pastries to create fondant chocolate hearts or enjoy them on a slice of bread. The greediest do not hesitate to savor them with a spoon!