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Our Grape Harvest, 2022 Edition

All year long, we have feared for our grape harvest.
There were many trials for the vines and our producers.
Due to the heat of the summer, the harvests were finally early.
The vines will have deployed a plethora of strength during these harsh weather conditions, and this can be tasted.
Vignes Gaillac, Alain Milliat
The discovery of our grape vintages is a very singular moment.
We never talk about grape juice alone: we talk about grape varieties. Each one has its own personality, its palette, a different story to tell. We don't mix Cabernets with Sauvignons, but let each of these vines express itself fully.
At Alain Milliat, the grape is available in a collection.
Four creations, four tastings, four experiences.
The roundness of this juice with notes of figs is balanced by a soft acidity and an elegant length in the mouth.
Notes of honey and flowers, a clean finish, this juice can not leave indifferent.
A dark red color, notes of blueberries and wood contrasted by a slight bitterness, a great wine. The alcohol in less.
Juice White Grape Chardonnay
Autumn to be served in a balloon glass. Notes of autumn fruits and honey, a slight veil, from the first sip you will feel the fire crackling in the fireplace.

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