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A touch of novelty for the end of the summer holidays

A 39th fragrance has been added to the Alain Milliat juice range: The Corsican Clementine juice

The choice of the Corsican Clementine is not insignificant. The one and only French clementine dressed in its green leaves whose acidulous taste will seduce your palate.
This clementine is a hybrid between the orange and the mandarin, and unlike its Mediterranean cousins, it is picked without treatment. This is evidenced by the presence of the leaves still attached to the stem.
A certain roundness, delicate notes and a slight bitterness, for a getaway to the heart of the island of beauty.

This juice will perfectly accompany your most delicate dishes. Our advice is to combine it with dark chocolate for even more pleasure.

  A gourmet break: Dark chocolate spread


A raw perception, strong notes supported by the intensity of the Italian Hazelnut. 

20% hazelnuts from Italy
No palm oil


With its intense cocoa flavour, less sweet but just as tasty, this new spread will enhance your breakfasts.




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