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Finger Lime Iced Infusion by Alain Milliat

Add a touch of originality to your end-of-year tables

At Alain Milliat, we celebrate the end of year holidays with unique products. This year, discover a unique product, our new Finger Lime Iced Infusion, available in limited edition.

A rare dish: lemon caviar 

Coming from the most beautiful trees in Australia, finger lime is renowned throughout the world for its inimitable taste and unrivaled freshness. 
The Finger Lime Iced Infusion by Alain Milliat is the result of a thoughtful composition which allows the citrus fruit to reveal all its flavors.
This tangy recipe is supported by the woody notes of bitter orange and the fresh bitterness of bergamot. This fruity infusion is sure to surprise your guests.
This new product from Alain Milliat is ORGANIC, with no added flavors or sugars to guarantee you a unique and authentic gourmet experience.

The pleasure of tasting

This infusion is to be served iced. It goes perfectly with a platter of oysters or a scallop carpaccio. The Finger Lime Infusion can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a gourmet pairing. The finger lime iced infusion will surprise and seduce you this holiday season. 

A thoughtfully designed bottle 

For the occasion, the Alain Milliat house has designed a new glass bottle to preserve all the aromas of this infusion.
Adorned with a luminous exterior, this bottle will refinely decorate your New Year’s table. 
Our Finger Lime Iced Infusion is available in limited edition in selected points of sale and online. 
For Christmas, immerse yourself in a world of a thousand flavors and let yourself be seduced by excellence made in France.

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