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For a gourmet Candlemas

We are fast approaching one of the most gourmet days of the year: Candlemas! 

Do you know where this popular day comes from? A bit of history before we share with you our suggestions for the occasion.
Originally, this Feast celebrated the end of winter and the return to the fields on sunny days. People ate crepes symbolizing the sun and the prosperity of the coming year. Celebrated 40 days after Christmas, it was named because of the candles traditionally lit for the occasion. To bring good luck and success to the home, a gold coin was held in one's left hand while flipping the first crepe with the other hand.
Crêpe avec pâte à tartiner Alain Milliat

Combine Alain Milliat's perfumes for an exquisite Candlemas:

The tangy notes of Cox's Apple Juice and crepes topped with the hazelnut and milk spread
The refreshing Lemon-Litchi lemonade to accompany a crepe with wild blueberry jam
The delicacy of Raspberry nectar with the intensity of Passion fruit jam
Pétillant de raisin et confiture fruit de la passion Alain Milliat

The pancake cake

This year, present your crepes differently. For 6 persons, prepare about thirty crepes and alternate or not the topping according to your desires.
Raspberry jam and spread
Passion fruit jam and strawberry jamGâteau de crêpes

A delicious alternative for mid-February to further enrich the Alain Milliat collection. Maple syrup in individual portions.