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Hazelnut & Milk Spread Mousse

Hazelnut & Milk Spread Mousse

Our hazelnut and milk spread can be easily used to make this comforting and delicious dessert.

The recipe for 6 servings :

250gr of Alain Milliat Milk & Hazelnut Spread
5 eggs
20cl of very cold cream
Lighlty warm the Hazelnut & Milk Spread in a double boiler.
Separate the egg whites and yolks. Stir in the yolks in the Spread. 
Whip the cream and delicately stir it in the mix.
Whisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks and stir them in the mix gradually with a spatula.
Split the mix into small bowls and leave them 4h in the fridge until set.
Sprinkle a few crushed hazelnuts on top and serve.