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Mandarin Orange Blossom infusion

"The Citrus Waltz of Sicily." I have so much in mind the light, the shades of green and orange, and constantly this refreshing breeze. I brought back some fruits that I made dance together. »


From these Sicilian trips and the hills of Palermo, Alain brought back the variety of Tardivo mandarine from Ciaculli. With these few delicate citrus fruits, he makes a iced infusion.
This particular and rare variety is dear to Alain: “I chose the Tardivo mandarin from Ciaculli, which takes its name from a village near Palermo where it was discovered. She is distinguished by the finesse of her skin. Its production is very limited. »
Infusion Mandarine Fleur d'Oranger Alain Milliat  
So, we are happy to unveil our first organic iced infusion produced under the Alain Milliat brand, in the iconic 33cl format.
Made from mandarin juice, lime and an infusion of orange blossom, this unique creation reveals a fluid texture. It delivers notes of citrus and white flower honey.
On tasting, we detect a hint of apple juice which naturally sweetens this luminous organic infusion.


A gastronomic experience. A single infusion.

Infusion Mandarine Fleur d'Oranger 33cl Alain Milliat

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