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Our Peaches

Discover the Excellence of Alain Milliat through our Peach collection 

At Alain Milliat, we believe that nature offers sincere and pure flavors. Our collection of peach nectars offers a unique taste experience that celebrates the authentic taste of this iconic fruit.


Peach Nectars for epicureans
Our range of premium peach nectars consists of three distinct varieties, each capturing the unique essence of this fruit:

White Peach Nectar Alain Milliat
 Delicately sweet, white peach evokes soft and floral notes. Our White Peach Nectar takes you to an orchard in the middle of summer, where each sip is an explosion of freshness.
Nectar de Pêche Blanche

Yellow Peach Nectar Alain Milliat
The juicy and sweet yellow peach is bottled to give you a fruity, rich and sunny experience. It is an invitation to travel to the orchards of Provence.
Nectar de Pêche Jaune

Vine Peach Nectar Alain Milliat

For lovers of more intense flavors, our Vine Peach Nectar invites you to discover peach in all its complexity. Its deep taste and slight bitterness will remind you of freshly picked fruit.

 Nectar de Pêche de Vigne
The pleasure of tasting
At Alain Milliat, our mission is to offer you the bottled experience of a fruit that you bite into with your mouth full. Our peach nectars are carefully made from fruits rigorously chosen for their quality and flavor. Our nectars reveal the rich aromatic profiles of peach, without any artificial additives or preservatives.


Products in France, with passion
We conscientiously produce our peach nectars in France, respecting artisanal traditions and using environmentally friendly methods. Each stage of production is carried out with care and commitment to guarantee you the best quality.


Alain Milliat: the art of tasting
Alain Milliat is synonymous with quality, authenticity and passion for natural flavors. Our peach nectars are a perfect example, offering an unparalleled taste experience for the most demanding fruit lovers.

Discover the true taste of peach with Alain Milliat. 

Nectars de Pêches
Our peach nectars are available in a selection of points of sale and online
Immerse yourself in the world of fruity flavors and let yourself be seduced by excellence made in France.
Live the Alain Milliat experience today, and discover the fruit in all its singularity. 

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