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Juices to liven up your vinaigrette sauce

The juices of the Alain Milliat collection are easy to use in the kitchen. Use the juices in a different way: create a different vinaigrette sauce for an original and tasty salad. 

3 tasting tips:

Mix a little rapeseed oil with the Tardivo di Ciaculli Mandarin Juice. Serve on raw endives at room temperature, lightly salted with “fleur de sel” for crunchiness. The zesty and sweet notes of mandarin will complete the bitterness of endive for a refreshing and more subtle salad.

Vinaigrette Mandarine

Invigorate a dandelion salad with the herbaceous notes of Rhubarb Juice and green olive oil.

Vinaigrette au Jus de Rhubarbe

Create a confusing vinaigrette sauce with Green Tomato Juice, sherry vinegar and green olive oil. Serve on an oak leaf lettuce with curly parsley.

Vinaigrette Tomate Verte

There are a multitude of possibilities: Mango, Passion... 
Use your inventiveness and explore them!

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