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Spritz by Milliat

A cocktail to prepare for the arrival of sunny days with Alain Milliat Vineyard Peach Nectar as the star ingredient!

Ingredients :
60ml Vineyard Peach Nectar Alain Milliat 
20ml White vermouth
60ml Champagne
A sprig of rosemary for decoration
    Preparation : 

    In a stemmed glass, pour the Vineyard Peach Nectar, add the Vermouth then the champagne. Finish by decorating with a sprig of rosemary. 

    Enjoy !


    The Alain Milliat Fishing collection:

    Alain Milliat White Peach Nectar: ​​Delicately sweet, white peach evoked soft and floral notes.
    Alain Milliat Yellow Peach Nectar: ​​Juicy and sweet yellow peach is bottled to offer you a fruity, rich and sunny experience.
    Alain Milliat Vineyard Peach Nectar: ​​For lovers of more intense flavors, our Vineyard Peach Nectar invites you to discover peach in all its complexity. Its deep taste and slight bitterness will remind you of freshly picked fruit.
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    Our nectars are available in a selection of physical and online points of sale.

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