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Raspberry and Rhubarb: two unique aromatic profiles

The Taste Week takes place from 11 to 17 October 2021. An opportunity for everyone to discover or rediscover flavours and products, in order to transmit and protect our culinary heritage.

To celebrate this event, Alain Milliat is honouring two ingredients with unique aromatic profiles: Raspberry and Rhubarb.



Raspberry plants are native to the mountainous areas of Europe. Hence the name "raspberry", a distortion of "wild strawberry". The raspberry is characterised by its roundness, firm flesh and fruity aroma. Known for its red colour, it exists also  in yellow, white and even black.


The perfect balance between sugar and acidity gives the raspberry an important aromatic power. Hence Alain Milliat's choice to work it into a nectar to reveal all its aromas. But also to combine it with mint as an infusion to obtain a strong and refreshing drink.


Rhubarb appeared in France in the 19th century. This resistant plant prefers deep, moist soil and moderate temperatures. Alain Milliat only uses the stem, called the leafstalk.

The first harvest takes place in May/June and the second in August/September. Alain prefers the latter: the rhubarb is then less acidic and more flavoured.


As a juice, the vegetal notes and the slightly salty finish are sublimated. Working with apple as a sparkling drinks, you will find a subtle and surprising drink.

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