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Tasting juices at the chef's table

Barely ten years ago, fruit juice was rare on restaurant tables. Often excluded from the cards, it was relegated exclusively to the children's offer. 

In a short time, however, he was able to build a beautiful place for himself.

Jus et Nectar Alain Milliat

Discuss with the chef and the sommelier

A juice finds its place when it is understood. It is imperative to have specific advice to create the surprise. At the start of a meal, choose a light and compact texture, subtle and not overpowering aromas and seek the perception of a good balance between sugar and acidity. the Sauvignon in early harvest or the Black Crimean Tomato.
But it can also be at the end of service with the Clementine from Corsica which accompanies a very cocoa dessert or even a shot of Black Cassis from Burgundy on a blue cheese.

even more meaning

Chefs and customers are looking for transparency and authenticity. With our Collection of Tasting Juices, it is now possible to offer everyone a unique experience around the fruit, determined by our know-how in the selection of varieties, plots and optimal maturity from producers aware of their role in this adventure.

A nice note

Building an alcohol-free offer is now a necessity and is often perceived as a delicate consideration. It must demonstrate its ambition to be consistent with the rest of the map.
Cox’s de Normandie apple juice, the collection of grape juices as the Cabernet in rosé version on pellicular maceration, Black Tomato juice from Crimea for its balance and velvety texture.
Jus et Nectar Alain Milliat

A collection of Tasting Juices is a great opportunity for the restaurateur or sommelier to surprise, create value and demonstrate even more consistency between the different offers.

And always serve in a stemmed glass, cooled to around 10°C. 

Jus et Nectar Alain Milliat

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