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Discover our Concentrates: LE YUZU & LE GINGEMBRE

At Alain Milliat, we believe that innovation and avant-garde are the keys to offering you unique and quality products. The Concentrates by Alain Milliat, a new collection of organic drinks, without alcohol, without aromas, intense and gastronomic. Multi-use elixirs: in shots, simply diluted with sparkling water, in cocktails, mocktails, or in sweet or savory cuisine. 

Available in 2 complementary recipes, they accompany you from breakfast to the cocktail bar!   

LE YUZU : Bitterness & Freshness

A fresh recipe highlighted by the bitterness of a high altitude Yuzu from Japan, softened by an Infusion of Gentian as well as an Infusion of Bergamot in Sicilian Lemon juice.  

The recipe for our “Perfect Serve”: 
40 ml of concentrate LE YUZU & 160 ml of sparkling water - 30 kcal per serving

LE GINGEMBRE : Power & Heat

A powerful recipe thanks to an “aged” Ginger from Madagascar, sweetened with an infusion of Verbena and warmed with a Langue d’Oiseau pepper, all with a touch of Sicilian Lime juice. 

The recipe for our “Perfect Serve”: 
30 ml of concentrate LE GINGEMBRE & 200 ml of sparkling water - 39 kcal per serving

Bold Concentrates

At Alain Milliat, our mission is to offer you unique taste experiences. These two concentrates with strong and unforgettable tastes will surprise the taste buds of your guests. 

Concentrates with endless recipes

Twist your Spritz with LE YUZU 

Ingredients : 
LE YUZU : 4cl
Prosecco: 8 cl
Sparkling water: 4 cl
Topping: a nice slice of lemon
    In a large balloon glass, combine the ingredients then complete with a few nice ice cubes. Finish by adding a nice slice of lemon to decorate and enjoy!





    A delicious alcohol-free Moscow Mule with GINGER

    Ingredients : 
    GINGER : 5cl
    Freshly squeezed lime juice: 2 cl
    Sparkling water: 10 cl
    For decoration: a small bouquet of fresh mint and a thin slice of lime
      In a large previously cooled cup, combine LE GINGEMBRE and lime juice. Stir lightly, fill with crushed ice and add the sparkling water. Finish by planting your bouquet of fresh mint and adding a slice of lime and enjoy! 




      Discover the true taste of Yuzu and ginger with Alain Milliat. 
      Our Yuzu and ginger concentrates are available at selected retail outlets and online. 
      Immerse yourself in the world of original flavors and let yourself be seduced by excellence made in France.

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