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Alain Milliat presents AM: iced infusions

AM infusions glacées



At the beginning of April, Alain Milliat introduced you to his new brand AM, the little sister of his historical brand.

The first creations, 4 organic iced infusions, were designed to quench your thirst throughout the day. 
AM was born from the desire to create something lighter and more daily. Fresh, well-balanced and very low sugar drinks for every day. 

With a meal or during a break, enjoy taste, pleasure and lightness in one bottle. Alain has mixed two fruits, water and infused an herb. A simple and powerful recipe, and above all, true, organic, without added sugars or aromas.

AM infusions glacées


The iced infusions are available in 4 recipes, according to each of your desires:
Ginger - Lime: Spicy and tangy, a fresh and energizing infusion.
Raspberry - Mint: Experience the sensation of a summer breeze in a bottle.
Elderflower - Lime: Indulge in the unique combination of intense raspberry and refreshing mint.
Passionfruit - Timur Berry: Experience a sweet and spicy union.

Made in our workshop in the Drôme, the iced infusions should be drunk very fresh. Find them on our eshop, at Monoprix and in your local shops and restaurants.

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