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Collection: Juices and nectars

The Juice Alain Milliat are greedy and tasty, they are without added sugar, without additives, without artificial flavors and without preservatives. Each fruit is carefully chosen and delicately picked at maturity in the heart of the orchards in order to obtain a rare and unique taste and thus offer an unprecedented tasting. 


Our varieties of Juice and fruit nectar

Alain Milliat offers 38 flavors of premium fruit juices and fruit nectar artisanal, a rigorous selection of fruits for frank tastes which come from groups of orchards and producers located in the Drôme.

We are concerned about respecting the land, the environment and the farmers. Our producers promote sustainable and organic fruit production and artisanal know-how, all while respecting biodiversity, to offer quality fruit that is as good for us as it is for the planet. We direct our production process towards responsible measures in order to be in accordance with our values which are: respect for the land, farmers and consumers. Half of our fruit is French and comes from local producers close to our production workshop in Drôme. The apples and pears come from eco-responsible orchards, our grapes from an HVE (High Environmental Value) winery is also the case for our tomatoes and apricots.

The bottles are made from 70% recycled glass, the consumption of cleaning water and its recycling are part of a reasoned plan as much as the fruit waste which is recycled and recovered locally. The transformation is carried out in Valence in the Drôme. All the fruit arrives in this workshop and the bottles are shipped to more than 20 countries.