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Peach Verbena Iced Infusion

A new Iced Infusion completes our collection: the Peach Verbena Iced Infusion !

Infusion Glacée Pêche Verveine BIO Alain Milliat
An infinitely refreshing drink: a dazzling marriage between verbena revealing subtle notes of lemon and the sweet and velvety flavors of peach.

Our new frozen infusion is always ORGANIC, without added sugars, without added flavors and made in France, like the other components of the Alain Milliat range of infusions and lemonades

Les Infusions Glacées et Citronnades BIO Alain Milliat

To celebrate its arrival, we have also refreshed the packaging of our drinks collection, Iced Infusions and Lemonade

Our mission: to create a range of gourmet and refreshing drinks, without compromising on quality, composition and origin.

Find the Mandarin Orange Blossom Iced Infusion which will transport you to Sicily with its notes of citrus and flower honey.
Succumb to the incredibly refreshing roundness of our Raspberry Mint Iced Infusion .

Energize your day with the spicy Lime Ginger Iced Infusion which will stimulate your senses. 

Let's raise a glass, 100% natural, 100% refreshing, 100% pleasure to this collection: health!
May summer be good! 
Infusions Glacées BIO Alain Milliat

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