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Beet Cauliflower Cream Soup

An autumn dinner with Alain Milliat

We invite you to discover this delicate velouté recipe using our Beetroot Juice. 

Beetroot in sauce dresses with originality an autumnal and gourmet cauliflower velouté.

Beet juice is used here in a sauce enhancing a cauliflower and potato soup. Its dark red-violet color and aromatic power accompany this comforting dish with refinement.

Cauliflower Beetroot Velouté

800g cauliflower
3 medium sized potatoes (175g)
1 liter semi-skimmed milk
Beetroot Juice Roux (100gr of semi-salted butter / 30gr of flour / 33cl of Alain Milliat Beetroot Juice)
A few slivered almonds or toasted pine nuts
Fresh coriander
Remove leaves and large ribs from cauliflower. Wash the flowers and drain them. 
Peel, wash the potatoes and roughly chop them. 
Put the cabbage flowers, the pieces of potatoes in a casserole dish and moisten with the milk.
Leave to cook for 30 minutes and mix with a plunger.
Grate nutmeg to your liking.
Make a roux with the melted butter and the flour, thin with 33cl of beetroot juice.
Reserve in a sauce boat.
Brown a large handful of pine nuts or slivered almonds in a pan.

Pour the velouté into a beautiful deep plate, pour your beet juice roux and arrange a few toasted pine nuts for delicacy and a few fresh coriander leaves.

Good tasting !

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