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Refreshing flavours for daily life

Though we don’t always make time for it, we always need something to enjoy—something refreshing… but we also need meaning, transparency and natural ingredients... which is why we created AM.

AM is a brand of light and refreshing drinks.

AM is your daily ally for bringing purity to the most simple moments.

The Iced Infusions

The first AM creations

Alain Milliat’s friends and clients asked him to come up with a refreshing, well-balanced drink for everyday use, with very little sugar.
Flavour, pleasure and lightness all in the same bottle. He combined two fruits with water and infused the mixture with a plant. This simple yet powerful recipe is above all pure, organic and contains no added sugar or flavouring.
These are his iced infusions.
They aren’t juices and they aren’t tea, they are both and neither at the same time. They are great everyday drinks that offer refreshment while travelling, add flavour at lunch on the go and extra sparkle at impromptu picnics. They’re there for you, to suit all your tastes and needs.

A recipe to suit every taste

Discover the 4 iced infusions

Ginger / Lime

Raspberry / Mint

Elderflower / Lime

Passionfruit / Timur Pepper

AM avec des fines bulles


Adjusted fruit as the main note, water and fine bubbles in 3 simple recipes with real lightness:


No added sugar or flavour.
The sugar comes naturally from the apple.

Sparklings are an ideal alternative to overly artificial lemonades and soft drinks.