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Boisson Rhubarbe Alain Milliat 33cl
Boisson Rhubarbe Alain Milliat 33cl

The Alain Milliat way

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"Probably from Mongolia, it first appeared in France in the 19th century. This rustic plant flourishes in deep and wet grounds, and moderate temperatures. Its leaves were used for their medicinal qualities. I only use the petiole. This plant can be green, yellow or red; I use the latter, which is more intense. A first cut is done in May/June and a second one in August/September. I prefer the latter; the rhubarb is then less acid and more flavoured."

Alain Milliat

Rhubarb Drink

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Discover this amber drink, its fluid yet slightly pulpy texture, its freshness, strength, vegetal flavours, vivid aromas and salty notes on the finish.

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Ingredients and nutrition facts

Rhubarb juice (92%)
Antioxidant: ascorbic acid

Allergen: none
Nutrition facts – for 100ml :
Calories: 51 kcal (214 kj)
Fat: 0 g of which saturates: 0 g
Available carbohydrate: 9 g of which sugars: 9 g
Protein: 0,7 g
Salt: 0 g

GMO free